CareerAI for Institution

CareerAI offers support and guidance to your institution to help students streamline the job application process and achieve their professional goals. By partnering with CareerAI, you can equip students with the necessary tools to excel in their job search and have a greater chance of securing their desired position.

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Our resume and cover letter builder, powered by AI , eases the process for students by generating professional documents in minutes. The templates are industry-specific, visually stunning, and ATS-friendly, ensuring that all have an equal chance of being noticed by hiring managers.
Enables students to create documents that are consistent in format and structure, presenting a more visually appealing and professional image of each.
Allows students to easily make changes to the suggested phrases, enabling them to incorporate their own writing style appropriate for the job description.
Students can select from our multiple templates to create a professional-looking resume and cover letter of their choice, with embedded designs and AI-generated phrases that assures a great first impression.

Significant Hiring Rates

Experience significant improvements in students' hiring rates with the help of our virtual assistants. Our assistants will apply to numerous suitable open positions on their behalf, enabling them to focus on what's truly important: preparing for their job interviews!

Increased applications
An increase of 10X in the number of job applications, greatly enhancing students' chances of getting noticed by employers and securing interviews.
Relevant jobs
Motivate students by actively applying for positions that align with their career goals and specific skill sets, improving their chances of successfully securing their desired roles.
Improved access
Jobs are applied for in hundreds of open positions on major job boards: LinkedIn, Dice, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.
Stay on top of your job hunt by tracking the status of all your applications and getting reminders on important follow-up tasks.
One-stop-shop to stay on top
Your students will have access to AI-powered resumes and cover letters readiness, experts feedback, virtual assistants, collaboration and a centralized application tracking system. An all-in-one place.
User management
An easy management system for everyone in your institution, from students and mentors to experts and virtual assistants. Keep track of tasks, monitor progress, and make informed decisions on this user-friendly platform.